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The origin of the name Two Polynesian words have been adopted by many other languages: tapu, the origin of tabou in French and taboo in English and, of course, tatau. The words tatouage in French, and tattoo and tattow in Old

The Tahitian tiare flower is a symbol of welcome offered to newcomers. The first Polynesians discovered it on reaching the shores of their final homeland, today tourists can see it as they come in to land at Tahiti-Fa'a’a. The tiare is a

In traditional society Whatever may have been said by the European “discoverers” of French Polynesia at the end of the eighteenth century, behaviour in traditional pre-European society was far from being as dissolute as is suggested by the legend of this

A Polynesian invention Horue in Tahitian, holua in Hawaiian, horu is a notion common to several Polynesian languages which expresses, among other meanings, the depths of the ocean which the hollows of a great wave allow us to catch a glimpse

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