About Fare Om: Guesthouse in Moorea

Welcome to Fare Om

Fare Om is more than just accommodation on the beautiful island of Moorea; it’s a small community that embraces guests with warmth, offering unique human and cultural experiences. Located between the stunning Cook and Opunohu bays, just 16 km from the ferry dock, Fare Om provides a serene and welcoming atmosphere. Fare Om is a large family guesthouse with multiple accommodation options designed to create a sense of sharing and good humor. The common areas are spacious, airy, and surrounded by a lush permaculture garden, perfect for relaxation and socialising.

A Global Community

At Fare Om, we welcome guests from around the world. Our very big house and independent units can accommodate up to 30 people, ensuring a diverse and enriching experience for everyone.

French Immersion Programs

We use Fare Om for our French immersion programs in French Polynesia, providing a unique and immersive learning experience.


  • Shared dormitories accommodate a maximum of 5 people, with separate arrangements for men and women.
  • Each bed includes a mosquito net and a fan for comfort.
  • Private Room with Shared Bathroom: Available at an additional cost.
  • Private Room with Private Bathroom: Available at an additional cost.
  • Two double rooms with shared bathrooms.
  • One double room with a private bathroom.
  • Suitable for one or two persons per room.