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Weather in Tahiti

French Polynesia enjoy a tropical climate; the maximum number of hours of sunshine is close to 3,000 per year in the Tuamotu Islands, one of the highest on earth The temperature, which is relatively constant, is cooled by the trade winds of the South Pacific that blow throughout the year. The average ambient temperature is 25°C, just as the turquoise waters of the lagoons. While further away from the equator, the archipelagos down south (the Austral and Gambier Islands), enjoy cooler temperatures.

There are two main seasons in the Islands of Tahiti:

  • November to April marks the wet season with January being traditionally the wettest month.
  • May to October is the dry season, with August being the driest month. This is also the busiest time of the year in terms of tourist arrival.

Temperatures range between 24°C (75°F) to 30°C (86°F) and water temperatures between 23°C (73°F) and 26°C (79°F).

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